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Wood Pellet Conveying

Vortex Engineering are experts in the design and build of dust control, fume control and material handling systems, and are experienced in developing large integrated wood pellet conveying systems for industrial applications.

The use of wood pellets as an energy source is continuing to gain popularity as companies look at ways of reducing their carbon footprint. 

While wood pellets tick a lot of boxes, being sourced from renewable resources and often diverted from what otherwise would be a waste stream into energy, they do require specialist knowledge to ensure the desired operational objectives are achieved.  Underperformance and even catastrophic failure can be the result if the specific characteristics of wood pellets are not taken into account during the design of equipment for their handling and storage.

Vortex Engineering has the required engineering experience and manufacturing capability to deliver solutions for your wood pellet handling and storage requirements

  • Knowledgeable advice
  • Innovative design excellence
  • A reliable supply chain (we fabricate most components in our own factories)
  • Open communication
  • An engineered solution built to perform and built to last
  • Prompt after-sales support