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Industrial Control Systems

Industrial control systems are an integral part of any modern and efficient plant. Vortex can supply the right type of Industrial Control System for any application.

On a typical system a PLC will control and coordinate the flow of fuel from a Fuel Storage Silo or Bin through a Rotary Valve, into a Pneumatic Convey System (or a Mechanical Convey System) with the fuel finishing up by passing through a High Efficiency Cyclone ready to be utilised by the onsite boiler or Heatpak Hot Water Boiler.

The PLC’s job doesn’t end there. For example, the PLC can also monitor and control the combustion temperatures inside the boiler by adjusting the under and over fire air centrifugal fans.

As another example the PLC can also play a part in the emissions control of the system by monitoring the airstream opacity in the stack. This ensures that the Grit Arrestor/Multiclone, another High Efficiency Cyclone and Vortex Pulse Jet Baghouse Filter are all operating properly.