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Cyclone Dust Collector

Cyclonic separation is a well-established and effective means of dust control. Vortex Engineering has extensive experience and knowledge relating to the use of cyclones and multi cyclone dust collector systems throughout New Zealand and Australia. Cyclones are reliable and durable.

Vortex operates across New Zealand, including Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington and Dunedin. If you need a cyclone, multi cyclone or industrial cyclone dust collector in NZ, talk to the team at Vortex today.

Vortex Engineering has a range of high efficiency cyclones ranging in size from Ø300 up to Ø3200 (0.15-18.8m3/s) which are capable of handling a wide range of materials and particulates.

The Vortex high efficiency cyclones use the centrifugal forces generated in the cyclone to separate the material/particulate from the air stream.

Cyclones are used to remove the bulk of the material or particulate from the airstream, and when used in conjunction with the Vortex Pulse Jet Baghouse, can achieve extremely good results in terms of processing particulate emissions from a system.

Many industries find that they need to install or upgrade an industrial cyclone dust collector as NZ regulations change or their operation grows, and their processing needs increase.

One application for a cyclone is at the end of a pneumatic conveying line situated above a boiler. This allows the boiler’s fuel storage bin to be located some distance away in a convenient location and for the fuel to be pneumatically conveyed directly to the boiler without adding excess amounts of air to the boiler.