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Mechanical Conveying Systems

Mechanical Conveying Systems are often used in conjunction with Pneumatic Conveying Systems. To utilise material stored in a Fuel Storage Silo or Bin a live floor or auger is used to remove the fuel from the bottom of the bin and transfer it into another auger, a scraper conveyor or Rotary Valve.

Augers are particularly suited to changing the direction of a material flow within small confines. Rotary Valves are usually used to meter the flow of material from the auger into a Pneumatic Conveying System. Twin levelling augers can be used during the loading of shavings or sawdust into container trucks for off site disposal. As the pile builds, the top is continually moved along the length of the truck until it is full. (see picture below).

For space constrained sites that require material to be moved a short horizontal distance but to a high elevation the Vortex Bucket Elevator is ideal. For example: An auger in the bottom of a coal reception bunker moves coal sideways into the bucket elevator. Once in the bucket elevator the coal is carried up into a coal storage bin. When the coal is required from the bin another auger pulls it from the bin into a Rotary Valve that meters it into a blow line to be pneumatically conveyed to the boiler.