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Storage Silos

Fuel Storage Silos and Bins are equipped with out-feed mechanisms to provide a reliable discharge rate of the product.

The discharge can be configured to suit the end use (i.e. slow consistent feed to a boiler or high speed to feed to dump trucks). Usually, a Pneumatic or Mechanical conveying system is required to fill the silo. Due to their low footprint, storage silos provide optimal fuel storage within a limited amount of space. The addition of a Vortex Hammer Mill considerably increases the utilisation of this space by increasing fuel density.

Fuel Storage Bins are live floor bins which are custom designed to suit the customer’s needs.

The type of bin depends on several key factors:

  • Fuel type (i.e. bark, shavings, sawdust, chips, coal, biomass)
  • Desired storage volume
  • Desired feed out rate

The outfeed of these can be fitted with a vibrating screen or Rotary Valve to ensure the fuel size and feed rate are suited to downstream processes.

Each fuel type has specific characteristics that determine what type of floor can be used.

Types of storage bins we offer:

  • Push floors: using reciprocating ladders driven by a hydraulic power pack. These floors offer good control over the feed-out rates of coal and sawdust. Bin sizes range from 30m³ to 1200m³. They are popular with coal users due to the ability to drive on the floor to dump fuel.
  • Travelling screw bins: excellent for shavings and sawdust. Screw feeder bins have controlled feed rates and the ability to split the bins into zones so that the same bin can be used to handle multiple fuel types.

Vortex Engineering offers a range of storage silos / fuel bins. With multiple designs suitable for green and dry biofuels. You’ll find us throughout New Zealand, including Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington and Dunedin.