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Pneumatic Conveying

Bulk solids can be conveyed around a site using a Vortex Pneumatic Conveying System. Pretty much any bulk solid can be moved to a desired location, and Mechanical Conveying Systems are often used to assist this process.

Bulk solids such as coal, shavings, sawdust, sander dust, wood pellets, ash, fertiliser, wool, sand, wood chips, grain and seeds can be moved to a convenient location for bulk storage in a Fuel Storage Silo or Bin or to a processing point. Depending on the properties of the solid high-pressure fans or low-pressure Material Transfer Fans may be used. In conjunction with the fans the use of Vortex Hammer mills, Vortex Rotary Valves and Vortex Diverter Valves allow the solids to be efficiently condensed, metered and directed to the desired location.

Vortex can also supply the Airtight range of modular reusable ducting, bends and branches. These are ideally suited for multi-machine extraction requirements in a factory.

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