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Industrial Drying

Vortex have been supplying kilns and managing kiln projects for over 15 years. Vortex timber drying kilns are available in many configurations. We use the benefits of our experience to design the kilns and the benefits of batch manufacturing to allow us to economically customize your kilns to your needs.

All kilns include state of the art computer controlled drying systems providing optimum quality and proven performance.

We offer full turnkey projects right through to component supply only.

Our XTV range of kilns are made using complete aluminum construction with stainless steel heating coils and internal pipe work.

Final specifications are developed with the client and even though we have standard sizes we can be very flexible to ensure the system works best for the customer.

The XTV range covers low temperature kilns for large sections and hardwoods right through to high temperature kilns for structural grade lumber.

FORKLIFT LOADED: Convenient and economical for slow drying such as hardwoods. Kiln sizes range from 30m3 to 500m3. These are the lowest capital investment and offer good flexibility. Typically forklift loaded from the front, these kilns can have a range of door configurations from hinged, lifting slides or bi-fold.

TUNNEL KILNS: Popular in Radiata pine drying because of the high throughput, quality drying results and fast turnaround. Kiln sizes range from 30m3 to 300m3. These kilns are available in single or double track configurations. Double tracks have reheat coils between the two stacks to ensure even drying. Vortex kilns promote the use of high airspeed and good design to ensure the end product is of the highest quality.

STEAMING CHAMBERS: These kilns come again in all aluminum construction, with stainless steel internal pipe work and boiling baths. The high steam generation in these kilns offers effective reconditioning or preconditioning of lumber or logs.

Talk to the team at Vortex today about your industrial drying needs. We service areas throughout New Zealand, including Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington and Dunedin.