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Cartridge Dust Collector

Vortex Engineering has a range of cartridge filter pulse jet cleaning dust collectors. When deciding on a cartridge dust collector, special consideration to dust type and dust volume is critical. Although attractive for their compact size, cartridge dust collectors are very limited on what sort of material can be filtered.

When compared to baghouse dust collectors, the compact design of cartridge collectors makes them an ideal choice for certain applications, and the continuous duty designs are able to take advantage of a similar pulse jet cleaning system.

The pleated, nonwoven filtering media contained within the perforated metal cartridges of this style of dust collector is what allows for this increased filtering area and reduced air to media ratio. Some industries may find that a cartridge filtration system can be used in addition to their existing HVAC system as a pre-filter. This may be a cost-effective solution for some, however, it is always best to have a system tailored to your needs when meeting industry standards and Occupational Health & Safety commitments.  

Call the team at Vortex today and let’s discuss your dust collection and extraction needs. We can help you identify your dust control needs and configure a dust collector that suits them, making sure it’s a smooth installation and good value for your money. We’ll also be here for you along the way, in case you need new filters or replacement parts. You’ll find us all over New Zealand, including Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington and Dunedin.